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A Collection of Editing Marks

Reasons to still edit on paper manuscripts: While a lot of editing nowadays is done directly on e-file manuscripts using editing software such as Microsoft Word’s “Comments” and “Track Changes,” there are still good reasons to do hands-on editing on paper/print-out manuscripts: When editing a long manuscript, it can be easier on your eyes than … Continue reading

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Humorous Quotes About Writing

I’ve been collecting examples of writing and editing humour, and thought I’d post some writing jokes here to give you a chuckle! (If you have other great examples, let me know and I’ll add them to the list, too). “Edit your manuscript until your fingers bleed and you have memorized every last word. Then, when you … Continue reading

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Tips on Giving and Receiving Critiques

Some overall tips about critiquing: Penny Smith, author of Wanted: Ogopogo Lake Monster, Dead or Alive and a co-founder of the Penticton Writers and Publishers [PWAP} group (now the Okanagan-South Writers’ League [OWL]), once presented a very useful talk on critiquing to the PWAP group. She gave us these useful overall tips: Remember that always we are … Continue reading

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Self-editing Checklist for Young Writers

Most self-editing checklists for young writers–and older ones, too–seem to focus on details of grammar and punctuation. But having edited a number of anthologies of writing by young writers (ages 8 to 18), I have collected a list of other common issues that youth writers–and adults, too–should watch out for in their writing. Hope you … Continue reading

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Language and Voice in Writing and Editing

Inter-language work is always a stretch, it seems to me! In the past while, I’ve edited a manuscript by a Spanish first-language speaker who is developing English speaking and writing skills, and I’ve been editing a manuscript by another writer for whom English is a third language, with initial African and French languages. I’ve also … Continue reading

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Tips for Writing Super-Hero Stories

  Superhero story warm-up stretches: ( and find more from this source !) Q: What is a superhero’s favourite part of the joke? A: The “punch” line! Q: Where’s Spiderman’s home page? A: On the world wide web. Q: What’s the difference between Batman and a robber? A: Batman can go into a store without robin!! hahahahahahahahahaaaaa….. … Continue reading

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Links to Some Great Posts on World Building

If you’ve been following this series on world building and other aspects of creating speculative fiction–and you feel like you’d like to give it a try, but you’re not quite sure you can create your own unique world, today’s post will provide you with some great samples and information that will inspire you and get … Continue reading