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25 Things About Me–in 2009

How time does fly! Periodically on Facebook, people list “25 Things About Me”–and I just came across this list I wrote way back in 2009 (8 years ago). What’s changed since then? Let’s have a look! (And if you’re especially curious, there’s also a “30 Days of Me” list on my site from 2011). … Continue reading

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Humorous Quotes About Writing

I’ve been collecting examples of writing and editing humour, and thought I’d post some writing jokes here to give you a chuckle! (If you have other great examples, let me know and I’ll add them to the list, too). “Edit your manuscript until your fingers bleed and you have memorized every last word. Then, when you … Continue reading

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Poetical Fun

A couple posts ago, I posted a ditty called “Abbreviations Poetical.” And over the years, I’ve often indulged my odd sense of humour by writing our annual Christmas letter in poetical format, as in “Haida Gwaii Christmas.” And I’ve even celebrated important family events with poetical humour (which perhaps sounded like I’d already been celebrating … Continue reading