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Writing Concisely–Tips from an Editor

  This post contains excerpts from editor’s comments I made to one of my clients on the importance of writing concisely. I hope you find it helpful. ***** I have attached a copy of your original manuscript, with words, phrases, and even some paragraphs highlighted that I feel you could withdraw from the manuscript without … Continue reading

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Margin Comments in an Edited Manuscript

The following are tips I wrote in the margin comments of a manuscript “overview edit.” They are the kind of tips you may get from your editor. Maybe you’ll find some useful tips among these for your own manuscript before you even send it off to an editor. Narrator commentary: Be careful in your writing … Continue reading

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Editing Help With a College Term Paper

Editors assist with a wide variety of writing projects! While editors are often thought of as people who edit novels or short stories, they also have opportunities to edit a wide variety of other written materials. For example, I have been asked to edit children’s books, poetry, newspaper articles and columns, magazine articles, non-fiction books, … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

Beta readers are wonderful, helpful people who will read your manuscript, and give you honest feedback, as part of your editing process, to help you make your book (or other writing) the best it can be. They will take a look at the whole manuscript, and think about themes, plot (and plot holes), characterization, and other … Continue reading

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Weekly Update and Finding My Passion

A week ago I made my update list of my writing and publishing related activities of the previous week–and forgot to post it. Then, thinking I had posted it, I deleted it to the Recycle Bin. Today I was starting my list for this past week, and suddenly realized I’d not posted the previous week’s update. … Continue reading

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Using Real Names in Memoirs

(Note: This post is part of my “Advice From an Editor” Series, and is an example of actual advice I have given my editing clients.) Writing memoirs has become a very popular activity–and some authors tend to dash into it with great enthusiasm, but not always with careful consideration of how their intriguing “tell all” … Continue reading