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Norma J Hill : Pen and Paper Mama Services : Editing Projects

The following completed editing projects include a variety of editing responsibilities such as substantive, copyediting, proofreading, and fact checking:

Workshops and Presentations:

  • “Meet the Editor” workshop presentations at BC Youth Writers Camp, July 2013, July 2015
  • Editing and Revising workshops (for 5 age levels) at BC Youth Writers Camp, July 2014
  • Self-Editing Tips and Tricks, 2017
  • Self-Editing Tips and Working with an Editor, 2016
  • For full details on these and other writing and editing workshops I have led, go to: https://normajhill.com/workshops/

Novel Editing:

  • John-Thorpe, Yasmin: Forever: An Adult Romance(published by A2Z Books and E-Books); Bewitched (romance).
  • Juma, Leila: She’s the Gold; The Mironhs.
  • Kutt, Linda and Jen Molyneux: AmberCitrine.
  • Lewsey, Dan: Short stories: “Lost Voice,” “The Doll Maker,” “The Long Hall.” Novel: The Traveler.
  • Trainor, Fred. Essence of Olivia.
  • Longworth, Alan and Shanna Ahmad: I Never Saw my Father SmileUnion BossBlack House; Historical non-fiction: Lost in the Sand(based on true story of a woman in Iraq during Sadaam Hussein’s rule).
  • Mooney, Michael. The Gathering of the Seas.
  • Perez, Karem. Brenda Hayes Series: Crossroads(YA Paranormal/fantasy; published by Satin Romance: Melange Books); The Journey.
  • Sidhu, Sukhwinder (Sukhi): Sita
  • Sturze, Klaus: Novels: The Baron And the AssassinsMemoirs of An ImmigrantThe Orphan.
  • Watling, Michael: The French Baker’s War.

Children’s Books Editing:

  • Barrientos, Louriel and son: Grand Dog Hotel
  • Brayman, Kimberley: A Troll in the Woods; We Are Different and the Same; Avry’s Magical Cat; The Magical Fisherman; Loving All of Me; Sibley and the Bad Dreams; Avry and Atreus Save Christmas; Marshmallow Paints the Town; Sibley and the Night Noises (some edits; some proofreads)
  • Dyck, Florence. An Okanagan AlphabetLydia’s Story.
  • Emshay, Jordyn: Can You Name That Bird?(Children’s Non-Fiction bird-watching guidebook).
  • Gregoire, Anne: Larry and the Beanstalk; Larry Follows His Nose(published by A2Z Books and E-Books).
  • John-Thorpe, Yasmin: A New Home for the Q’s; Cruz Coyote and Rory Roadrunner; Adventures of Cruz Coyote; Cruz Coyote and the PackThe Adventures of Hummer HummingbirdGoodnight, Sonoran FriendsThe Story of Jenny Javelina (picture story books); Grandpa’s Gift: The Story of the Canadians’ WWI Battle to Win Vimy Ridge (chapter book); 2 Unlikely Heroes of the New WorldJust Nuts(nonfiction); A Child’s Coconut; A Tale of the Horned Owls; What Am I? ABCs from the Sonoran Desert Books.
  • Longworth, Alan. Children’s chapter book: Castle Rock. Children’s colouring/story book: Ten Little Trotters(published by A2Z Books and E-books).
  • Mazar, Bob: Santa the Real Story
  • Maslowski, Brandy: Kristy’s Quilt(Published by Art Bookbindery).
  • McKee, Wenda: Lolly (nonfiction-dog story); The Mysterious Magical Room (fiction)
  • Neville, Christopher (Ill. Marie-Claire Bonhommet): Chico(children’s book); published by A2Z Books and E-Books.
  • Penticton Christian School Grade 3-5 class: A Flight Across Canada; Pioneer Life: The Early 1900s in the Okanagan … a Ride Through History(Published by A2Z Books and Ebooks).
  • Rani, Sita. Sarah’s First Pow-Wow.
  • Roth, James. The Girl Who Talks to Dolphins.
  • Sharp, Marg. The Owl and the Raven.
  • Smith, Penny: Editing of updated novels: The Luck of the CardsOgopogo: Dead or Alive.
  • Tarasoff, Wendy: Scare Away The Dark. 

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction Editing:

  • Babakaiff, Cabrini : Curve Balls. (Published by A2Z Books and E-books).
  • Bellamy, Krystyna: Never Young: A Memoir
  • Cecez-Sekulic, Natasa: The Journey to Bring Back Play.
  • Donoghue, Carolae: Within These Walls.
  • Ensign, Geneva and Roger. Alaska How I Miss You: Tales from Bushplane to Wheelchair (proofread) (Memoir)
  • Florence Dyck: Aganetha’s Story (published by Art Bookbindery.com).
  • Flossmann, Editha Maria: Uncharted Waters.
  • Hawrys, Claire: What Comes Around Goes Around.
  • John-Thorpe, Yasmin: Memoir/travelogue: Camino Trek.
  • Juma, Leila. Leolina and Maison Rouge.(Memoir)
  • Kent, Manjeet. Healing Journey and Innermost Love (Memoir)
  • Lafaut, Laurel. Trailer Trash Chaplain. (Memoir)
  • Latka, Sandra: Twisted Trees; Branches; Broken Boughs Shattered Vows.
  • Litke, Garry: The Boys in Blood (historical creative non-fiction)
  • Maddex, Elaine G. Wise Woman’s Manor; More Than A Wise Woman.
  • Miller, Alice: A Canadian War Bride(published by A2Z Books and E-books).
  • Woronuk, John: Quest for Eden (Published by Friesen Press). 

Non-Fiction Editing:

  • Doi, Gary. Who Knows What(proofread).
  • Ensign, Geneva. Community Healing: A Transcultural Model(published by Hancock House).
  • Fischer Barber: Dear Ms Barber: Managing Children’s Behavior, Volume 1.
  • Hill, Norma J Hill: No-Fail, Speedy, Everyday Ingredients, Yummy Recipes, and Handy Kitchen Reference Guidecookbook (1st, 2nd, 3rd editions).
  • Jean, Blair: Clearwater River: Sites of Historical Value
  • Keating, Cindy. Eyes Wide Open(devotional).
  • Rae, Stephen: guidebook: From Educated to Employed.
  • Rani, Sita. Living Bravely. (nonfiction about journaling)
  • Ottosen, Jean: Unit Studies: A How-to Guide for Homeschoolers.
  • Schlosser, Stephanie: Braving Bipolar: A Family Journey and Guide.
  • Whitaker, Denise: Creative Writing How-to Workshops(2nd ed.)
  • Wiedrick, Teresa. Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nuturer.
  • Willis, Dr. Alex: Psychology/self-help: The Power of ThoughtStressless Living;Your Path to Enlightenment(published by A2Z Books and E-Books). 

Anthologies and Short Story Collections Editing:

  • Bazan, Gary: Short story collection: From A Storyteller’s Basket(published by A2Z Books and Ebooks).
  • Prior, Gail : Anthology of short stories: The Cap(published by A2Z Books and Ebooks).
  • Jodie Renner, comp/ed.: anthologies: Childhood RegainedVoices From The Valleys.
  • 2013 Gems of British Columbia, Volume Five; 2014 Gems of British Columbia, Volume Six; Gems of Canadian Young Writers (2015); Gems 2016 Stories, Poems, Art & Graphic Tales from the British Columbia Youth Writers Camp(Published by Penticton Writers and Publishers: anthologies of poetry and short stories by participants in 2013 BC Youth Writers Camp).
  • Canadian Tales of the Fantastic 2017 short story contest sponsored by Red Tuque Books. Judged short list of 15 stories. 

Business and Academic Writing Editing/Proofreading:

  • Athwal, Pam: Term papers for Master’s Degree in Mental Health.
  • Groot, John. Proposal for Theology Doctoral Thesis.
  • Kleb, JoAnne: technical writing for projects for City of Kelowna, City of Calgary, and various companies. 
  • Williams, Randy Mark: Graced Existence: Grace and Experience in the Theology of Karl Rahner; Noticing the Constant Offer of God.

Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals:

  • Archivos magazine (Okanagan Archive Trust Society): a variety of articles on South Okanagan history. Volume 2, issues 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Volume 3, issues 1, 2, 3.
  • The Penticton Scribe newsletter (quarterly newsletter, avg. 20+ pages, for Penticton Writers and Publishers group (PWAP): 5 years, 20+ issues).
  • Dyck, Florence. Series of local history stories for Manitoba newspapers. 

Screenplays and Drama:

  • Cullen, Robert: Hero DogOutbackEye for an EyeCruise Ship. Screen-plays for television detective series.
  • Patterson, Josephine. Sweet Confusionromance play. 


  • Koyczan, Shane. A Shovel’s Work(proofread)
  • Rani, Sita. HaiHai; Tired; Writing Block. 

Editing for Publishers:

  • Theytus Books: Proofreading: TheBest of Funny, You Don’t Look Like One (Drew Hayden Taylor); River of Salmon Peoples (ed. Jeannette Armstrong); Dying to Please You—Indigenous Suicide in Contemporary Canada (Roland D Chrisjohn, Shaunessy M. McKay, with Andrea O Smith); mitewacimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling (ed. Neal McLeod); Gathering: Journal Vol. 15 “Water”; Lee Maracle manuscript; Legends and Teachings of Xeel’s The Creator (Dr. Ellen Rice White – Kwulasulwut – 2018 ed.); Okanagan Womens’ Voices: Syilx and Settler Writing and Relations 1870s to 1960s (ed. Jeanette Armstrong et al)

Queries and Proposals:

  • Cullen, Robert: Sizzle: A Far-Off Star (promo document for television series)
  • Tanos, Rita: Query and book proposal for memoir: 39 Years of Silence.
  • Arcand, Faye. Query and book proposal for nonfiction advice book for young people, Auntie Says. 

Online Media:

  • Interior Daily News website: editing of news items and event reviews 

Youth Writers:

  • As an encouragement to young writers, I have offered complimentary editing of their journaling, short stories, poetry, articles and other writing attempts, and have provided them with personalized “tips from an editor” to help them along on their writing journey.