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On Quora.com — where I’ve been awarded the title of “A Quora Top Writer 2018”–I answer questions on a variety of topics, including writing and editing. It has been suggested by some of my readers that I should provide links to them from this site, so here is a selection of some of my posts, which I’ve divided into convenient categories. And you can find more answer on my Quora page!  (I started using Quora to experiment with humour in writing so some of these posts might be a tad different than you’d expected :-)).

Grammar topics:

How can I improve my English grammar?
What is the difference between had become, become, and became?
What are some tips for reducing excessive use of the verb “to be”?
When do I use has passed or passed?
Which is correct: is done or was done?
Which is correct: shame on me or shame on myself?
Is this sentence correct: When you don’t know how to dance but still you love to dance
What should I do to improve my grammar?
Which sentence is correct: “congratulations to you” or “congratulation to you”?
How can I change this into an exclamatory sentence: Asif is a very intelligent student
Do you ever get confused with “i.e.” and “e.g.”?

Vocabulary and Word Usage:

What is the difference between folk and people?
When do you use may and might in sentences?
How do I use has and have correctly in a sentence?
Do you know a synonym for see you?
How do I describe rain in English … in daily English conversation?
Use of licence or license
What are examples of collective nouns for kids?
What are some examples of bossy verbs?
When should you use speak, spoke, spoken?
Is it grammatically incorrect to use the word throwed?
What is the difference between the word to be and the word to have?
Is it time to stop using the ambiguous word liberal?
What are the uncountable nouns?
What is the plural of leaf: leafs or leaves?
What are some words that begin with y?
How should I use the terms having been and have been?
Is “I’m getting engaged” grammatically correct?
When do you use the word hurrah?
What is the plural of status?
What is the difference between could and can?
In the sentence, “Trees grow tall in my backyard,” is the word “tall” an adjective or an adverb?

Writing and Editing Tools:

How do  I Create a Program That Checks My Spelling Using Word and Grammarly?
Are there any good grammar checking programs besides Grammarly?
Are there any free courses that prepare you for jobs as a professional proofreader?