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Currently active:

My past sites (some still available to view):

Sites I have helped others with:

My Other Published Writing: 

Newspaper articles and columns:

  • Southern Exposure (Summerland Stories and other articles published in the PWAP Writers column).
  • Letters to the Editor, several of which have been “featured” letters.
  • “Masset Sounds” weekly community news and views column in Queen Charlotte Islands Observer: 1996-98, 1992-94, 1981-83.

Newsletters and Magazines:

  • “The Penticton Scribe” quarterly newsletter of Penticton Writers and Publishers – July 2010 to July 2015 (21 issues). Publisher; edited submitted works; wrote all other articles and a number of stories and poems.
  • Working Writer Newsletter: articles: “World Creation” (Jan/Feb 2018), “Using Real Names in Memoirs” (Jan/Feb 2019), “Punctuation Humor” (July/Aug 2018), “Finding the Editor You May Need” (May/June 2018), “Flash Fiction and Other Quick Writing” (Nov/Dec 2017), “Author Website or Blog or Combination?” (Sept/Oct 2018), “Using Real Names in Memoirs” (Jan/Feb 2019), “What do Editors Look For?” (Sept/Oct 2020), “Spelling Humour” (Nov/Dec 2020), “Tips for Writing Super-Hero Stories” (Jan/Feb 2021), [More] “Spelling Humour” (May/June 2021), [More] “Spelling Humour” (July/Aug 2021)
  • Local history stories published in Archivos Magazine (Okanagan Archive Trust Society): “Summerland’s Rotary Beach” (Spring 2016), “Quilting Bees” (Winter 2016), “Giant’s Head Memories” (Spring 2017), “Afternoon Tea with the Misses Banks” (Fall 2017), “Community Canning” (Spring 2018), “Childhood Playtimes” (Fall/Winter 2018), “My Visit With Henry Kriwoken” (Spring/Summer 2019), “Getting Around: Summerland Memories of the ’30s to the ’50s” (Winter 2019/2020)
  • “The Life Connection” newsletter of the Penticton Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Church, 2007-2008. Distributed to Canadian and US churches. Wrote feature articles for several editions; also edited some editions. Copies posted on http://penandpapermama2.com/life/lifemn.html
  • “The Home Educator” newsletter for home school families. Copies of some editions posted on http://penandpapermama2.com/edu/edumn.html
  • Educational articles published in various Home School magazines and on websites, national and international (including foreign language translations); also in BC Teacher Magazine. 


  • “Log Cabin Above Penticton” (poem) in Voices from the Valleysanthology (comp. Jodie Renner), 2015.
  • “Quirky,” “Two Friends In Love,” “Wharf” (poems) in Okanagan Tapestry: Stories Poems Images from Okanagan Authors and Artists anthology, 2015.
  • “Grammar Nazi” (editor’s story) in Gems of Canadian Young Writers 2015 
  • “Publishing Options For Successful Writers” (editor’s article) in Gems 2016 Stories, Poems, Art & Graphic Tales

Self-Published Books and Booklets:

  • No-Fail, Speedy, Everyday Ingredients, Yummy Recipes and Handy Kitchen Reference Guide(now in 3rd revised edition); also very involved in the writing and publishing of A Cookbook With A Difference: Good Food, Memories, Drawings from G.M. Dawson Secondary School, 1998.
  • Easy to Learn“ booklet series: titles include: Addition Facts, Subtraction Facts, Higher Decade Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication Facts, Division Facts, Arithmetic Tips and Tricks, Improve Handwriting and Stop Reversals, Memory and Learning Strategies (Part 1: Overview and General Tips; Part 2: Specific Tips and Tricks; Part 3: In the Classroom), Creative and Fun Book Reports Alternatives, Homonyms (Part 1: A-L; Part 2: M-Z), Reading and Writing Activities (Part 1: All Kinds of Reading and Writing; Part 2: Activities), Tongue Twisters. 2011-2012
  • Learning Themes” series: Songs and Poems Literacy Theme; Frog and Toad; Amelia Bedelia; Dr. Seuss; Winnie The Pooh; Three Little Pigs; Fairy Tale Princes and Princesses; Curious George; Nursery Rhymes (2014-2015)
  • Chapbooks (photos, poems, stories, articles): Penticton PedestrianHaida Gwaii Reflections and Memories From The Misty Isles At the Edge of the World (2012)
  • Cookbook, booklets, learning themes, and chapbooks above available in hard copy from the author, or as downloads from http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Norma-J-Hill
  • (WIP 2018-2020) Writing, The Self-Editing Team, and Editorial Help: A Writer’s Adventure (This was intended to be a book—but I decided to redesign it as a series of workbooks and/or workshop guides—and then, due to Covid, have been posting them in 2021 as various “series” here on my https://normajhill.com/ website!)

Other Writing Activities:

  • “Grace” Christmas play – performed at Penticton Alliance Church Christmas 2010 (2009)
  • “A Haida Christmas” play – performed at Old Massett Anglican Church; script requested by other groups for performances at their venues.
  • NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month challenge, completed 4 times: historical fiction account of female Biblical characters; story of a woman with dementia; “creative non-fiction” family memoir; nonfiction book of editing combined with fictional stories (NaNo 2018)
  • Readings/participation in live writers’ events, Pentiction BC 2018-present: Craft Corner Kitchen readings event; Arts Rising writers’ event at Leir House (my focus on children’s writing); St. Germaine Desk Drawer Reading Series
  • Coaching writers: 2018-present: guidance for writing, self-editing, blogging, social media

Employment Experience Involving Writing:

  • Tutor, Pen and Paper Mama Services: English/Language arts; writing skills; elementary/middle school math; ESL (children and adults); special needs (autism, biopolar, severe learning disabilities, apraxia of speech, etc.); home school students; college student writing skills; SAT/GED prep. http://penandpapermama.com/
  • Editor, Pen and Paper Mama Services: novels (children’s, young adults, adult), technical writing, short stories, poetry, anthologies, articles, curriculum, manuals, etc. https://normajhill.com/
  • Teacher: G.M. Dawson Secondary School, Masset, B.C. (Teacher-Librarian, Social Studies, English, Home Economics); Penticton Christian School (Core French gr. 1-11; Home Economics); Teacher-On-Call in Haida Gwaii and Mission school districts (elementary & secondary, most subject areas); curriculum writing, for my own classes, and for other teachers and educational projects.
  • Freelance reporter, 1985, for CBC Radio Prince Rupert, covering the BC Native Brotherhood Convention in Old Massett, Haida Gwaii.
  • CBC Western Arctic (Inuvik NWT) – confidential secretary; opportunities to work in the newsroom, do reporting of community events, transliteration of English language stories for use by native language broadcasters (Loucheux, Slavey, Inuvialuktun); creation of station handbooks; wrote station 5 year plan; organize brochure and map for True North Concert. 1983-1985
  • Office Manager, Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, Penticton; 2009-10.
  • Norma’s One-Stop Shop: secretarial services; creation of business plans for small businesses (which then received government funding); bookkeeping for small businesses; 1993-2001. 

Editing Experience:

  • I have edited a wide variety of materials for individuals, organizations, and a publishing company. These include children’s books, novels, non-fiction, technical, anthologies, plays and screenplays, and more.
  • “Meet the Editor” workshop presentation at BC Youth Writers Camp, July 2013 and July 2015
  • Editing and Revising workshops (for 5 age levels) at BC Youth Writers Camp, July 2014
  • For list of edited materials, see https://normajhill.com/editing-experience/

Workshop Presentations:

  • Workshop presentations for the Penticton Writers And Publishers group: Creating an Author’s Website Using WordPress; How To Do A Successful Book Launch and Reading Event; Writing for Greeting Cards Publishers; Blogging Workshop.
  • Workshop presentations at BC Youth Writers Camps: “Meet the Editor” workshops 2013 and 2015; Youth Writers Camp editing workshops for 5 age groups 2014.
  • Workshop presentations to various Okanagan Valley writers’ groups: Platform and Brand; Christian Writers and the Business of Writing; Online Writing Workshop; Self-Editing Tips and Working with an Editor; Why a Blog and/or Website and Social Media are Important for Writers; Self-Editing Tips and Tricks.
  • STEPS: Creative Writing Workshops for Youth at the Shatford Centre, Penticton BC (Flash Fiction; Humour and Poetry; Art and Writing; Mapping and Creating Worlds; Characterization). Details on these workshops can be found at: https://normajhill.com/workshops/
  • Workshops for Parent-Tutors and Homeschoolers: Why Children Need Parent-Tutors; Introduction to Hiring a Tutor. Details on these workshops can be found at: http://penandpapermama.com/workshops/
  • OWL (Okanagan-South Writers’ League) Feedback Group 2018-present: assistant facilitator; mini workshop presentations on: Authorial Voice, Mechanics of Writing, Experiencing Writers’ Rejection, Commas, Semicolons, Point of View (all presentations included handouts)

Social Media Connections:

Organizations (current):

  • OWL: Okanagan-South Writers’ League — co-director and communications director — This group is the new format of the previous Penticton writers’ group (PWAP): see info below. The OWL group Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/519953788213898/
  • OWL-CNF: OWL Creative Non-Fiction Writers’ group, Penticton (participant) (about 2018-2020)
  • OWL Feedback For Writers group, Penticton (participant)
  • Okanagan Archive Trust Society: board of directors; assistant editor, writer, donate pictures, written materials, etc. to be used in the quarterly magazine and on the website. http://www.archivos.ca/
  • Penticton Arts Council: member. Website: http://www.pentictonartscouncil.com/penticton/art/council/575
  • BCHEA (British Columbia Home Educators Association): Board of Directors (currently on leave as of 2018); Email Communications; Writing for website: http://bchea.ca/
  • Starbucks Write-In Group, Penticton 2018-2020
  • Writers’ Wild Retreat, Chute Lake Lodge, Naramata BC, Oct 2019 (member of the organizing committee)

Other Writing-related Organizations (recent past):

  • Raise A Reader (RAR): Raise a Reader fundraiser day; school visits with authors; Christmas Gingerbread House contest; Hallowe’en Books for Treats; Literacy Day; BC Youth Writers Camp.
  • Okanagan Valley Writers’ Festival, Penticton BC: assistant to the director: in charge of the OVWF Facebook page and other social media and marketing. May 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • Penticton Writers and Publishers (PWAP) (now OWL: see above) – Communications Director (facebook page, newsletter, egroup, email lists; articles submitted to newsletters of other local organizations such as PDCAC; write monthly meeting notes); participate in monthly writing challenges; publisher/editor of quarterly newsletter; write several articles and do a fair amount of coding/design for the website; Communications Director (facebook page, newsletter, egroup, email lists; articles submitted to newsletters of other local organizations such as PDCAC; monthly meeting notes); conduct workshops on creating author’s blogs and/or websites, editing, etc. (Note: as of June 2016, PWAP disbanded as a society; however, I am a co-founder of a new Penticton writer’s group OWL — see above).
  • Women’s “Group of Seven” writing group, Penticton. Met bi-weekly for writing practice and critiquing.
  • Okanagan Editors Group (OEG: Met monthly to discuss editing, and to learn from experienced editors.
  • Penticton Editors Collaborative: Meet weekly to discuss editing, learn from each other, share job opportunities, and reach out to writers and businesses.
  • Another Chance Okanagan/God’s Kitchen: outreach to street-level persons and families in poverty. Besides food, clothing, hair-cuts, and similar provisions, I created a website to describe the group’s activities. 

Other Writing-related Experiences:

  • Home-schooled my own 5 children (grades 1 to 11) for some years; wrote curriculum; taught writing skills, etc. Also very active in a number of online home school e-groups, and wrote many articles, shared advice, and so on.
  • Personal journaling: 150+ journals filled to date
  • Created and wrote Bible studies: Spiritual Disciplines(used by a local church and a local women’s Bible Study group); Submission Study (used by local group, and copies requested by various groups internationally).
  • Coordinator/leader for various children’s clubs and organizations (Girl Guides, Scouts, Pioneer Girls, etc., and also for school clubs and groups such as School Planning Councils and Parent Advisory Committees.
  • One to One Reading volunteer in Penticton and Keremeos; coordinator in Keremeos 2000-2003.
  • Sponsor of School Clubs (ie newspaper club, library club) and organizer of school events (ie Young Women’s Conference) in Masset, Haida Gwaii.
  • Executive member of Queen Charlotte District Teachers Association.
  • TV announcer for Lions Club Mini-Timmy-Telethon, Masset BC.
  • Taught free seminars on budgeting and cooking, for women’s groups, including transition houses; created handbooks for participants.
  • Extensive involvement in First Nations activities: First Nations school programs (Haida, Coast Salish); cultural events (Haida, Coast Salish, Lower Similkameen band); tutor for Old Massett homework support program; developed Haida First Nation local history collection; created curriculum for Foods and Nutrition program emphasizing traditional foods; supported new Haida language teachers in developing lesson plans, projects, etc.; involved in Haida language, dance, educational, and cultural activities.
  • At my grade 12 graduation from Rutland Senior Secondary School, I received the top English 12, English Literature 12, and History 12 marks. I also received the Provincial scholarship award for results in History 12 and English Literature 12 scholarship exams. And I received scholarships throughout college (OC) and university (UBC).
  • I was a reporter for the Okanagan College campus newspaper when a student there. 

Broadcast: Radio and Podcasts: 

  • CBC Western Arctic 1983-1985 (see “Employment Experience”)
  • CBC Prince Rupert 1985 (see “Employment Experience”)
  • CFUZ Penticton 2018-2019 https://peachcityradio.org/programs/aggiesauthors/index.php Episodes: #1 Norma Hill: Editing and Writing Career; #21 Three Writing Friends Celebrate; #22 Christmas Poem Spoof; #28/30 Five Writing Friends; #38 Three Poetesses; #48 Writing Coach 

Some Conferences and Workshops I Have Attended: 

(see also: “Organizations—current/recent past” and “Workshop Presentations” for events I have facilitated and/or presented at)

  • Word Guild Fall Writers’ Conference, Kelowna BC Oct 2018 (featuring Jonas Saul and Michelle Barker)
  • Writers’ Workshop, Kelowna BC (featuring Michelle Barker and ?)
  • Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival, Salmon Arm, BC, May 2019
  • “The Stories We Tell” presentation at Okanagan College, Penticton BC, March 2019
  • Sita Rani Journaling Workshop (spring 2019)
  • Okanagan Valley Writers’ Festival, Penticton BC (May 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Writing Wild Writers’ Retreat, Naramata BC (October 2019)
  • Wine Country Writers’ Festival, online from Penticton BC (September 2021)
  • multiple webinars and online meetings hosted online by a wide variety of writing and editing groups (especially during Covid!)
  • SPRINT online writing retreat (Sept 2020)