Writing and Editing Articles

editingBefore I started this site dedicated to writing, editing, and publishing, I posted a number of articles on these topics on my Pen and Paper Mama Services hub website. Below are links to those posts, and as I add new posts on these topics at this new site, I’ll add them here as well.

Basic Information For Writers About Editing and Editors: 
1. Why do writers need editors?
2. Different kinds of editing
3. Finding the editor you need
4. How much does editing cost?
5. Self-editing tips and tricks
6. Tips on working with an editor

What are Some Vital Things Editors Will Look For In Your Writing?
1. Self Editing Mechanics
2. What do editors look for?

Advice From An Editor series:
1. Introduction to the series
2. Target Audience
3. Finding a Traditional Publisher and/or Agent
4. Using Real Names in Memoirs
5. How to Prepare for Self-Editing

Building Your Brand and Platform:
Social Media for authors
Author Website or Blog or a Combination?
Why Authors Need A Website, Blog and Social Media
Planning Your Book Launch – A Checklist

Writing in the Online World series:
Changes in Audiences and Their Reading Habits
Changes for Authors
Changes in Publishing

Lots of Tips on Writing and Publishing topics:
Using beta readers to improve your manuscript
Tips for using Windows 10 Speech Recognition Software
An Editor’s Response to a First Manuscript Read-Through
Editing Help with a College Term Paper
Tips for a Writers’ Conference Interview
A Children’s Book Manuscript I Enjoyed Reading
An Editor’s Advice After Reading a Manuscript–about choosing a publisher and about audience and marketing
Notes About a Novel That Reads Like a Movie Script
Margin Comments in an Edited Manuscript
An Editor’s Tips on Marketability
An Editor’s Tips on Following a Publisher’s Rules
Essay Tips from an Editor
Writing Concisely: Tips from an Editor
Abbreviations Poetical
Quick-View Tips and Tricks for Self-Editing
What Am I Doing These Days?
Poetical Fun
Writing Inspiration From the Visual Arts
Flash Fiction and Other Quick Writes
Kinds of Flash Fiction
Language and Voice in Writing and Editing
Self-editing Checklist for Youth Writers
Tips on Giving and Receiving Critiques
Planter or Plotter or Pantser?
Fieldstone Writing
Social Media for Authors
A Collection of Editing Marks

Speculative Fiction posts:
Mapping and World Creation (with a focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy)
The Hero’s Journey
Utopian or Dystopian Story Writing
World Building Through Mapping
More Aspects of World Building–Part 1 (conflict, political systems, technology, magic, values, small details, economic system, cultural groups)
More Aspects of World Building–Part 2 (realistic hangouts, world naming, food, alternate realities, time/era, transportation, morality, architecture, overall considerations)
Characterization in World Building
Links to Some Great Posts on World Building
Tips for Writing Super-Hero Stories

Writing and Editing Humour series:
Editing Humour
Punctuation Humour
Spelling Humour
Humorous Quotes about Writing

What would you like to know about editing, writing and publishing? Please feel free to contact me with your questions, and I’ll answer them in upcoming posts!