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A Collection of Editing Marks

Reasons to still edit on paper manuscripts: While a lot of editing nowadays is done directly on e-file manuscripts using editing software such as Microsoft Word’s “Comments” and “Track Changes,” there are still good reasons to do hands-on editing on paper/print-out manuscripts: When editing a long manuscript, it can be easier on your eyes than … Continue reading

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Tips on Giving and Receiving Critiques

Some overall tips about critiquing: Penny Smith, author of Wanted: Ogopogo Lake Monster, Dead or Alive and a co-founder of the Penticton Writers and Publishers [PWAP} group (now the Okanagan-South Writers’ League [OWL]), once presented a very useful talk on critiquing to the PWAP group. She gave us these useful overall tips: Remember that always we are … Continue reading

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Self-editing Checklist for Young Writers

Most self-editing checklists for young writers–and older ones, too–seem to focus on details of grammar and punctuation. But having edited a number of anthologies of writing by young writers (ages 8 to 18), I have collected a list of other common issues that youth writers–and adults, too–should watch out for in their writing. Hope you … Continue reading

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Quick-view tips and tricks for self-editing

Quick-view Self-Editing Tips and Tricks: Reference materials and helps: Respected style guides (eg. Chicago Manual of Style) Other good references (eg. The Elements of Style, The Copyeditor’s Handbook) Editing checklists Automated editing resources (eg Word’s built-in spelling and grammar; Grammarly) Refer to lists of commonly misused words, commonly misspelled words; readability levels Seek critiques … Continue reading

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Writing Concisely–Tips from an Editor

  This post contains excerpts from editor’s comments I made to one of my clients on the importance of writing concisely. I hope you find it helpful. ***** I have attached a copy of your original manuscript, with words, phrases, and even some paragraphs highlighted that I feel you could withdraw from the manuscript without … Continue reading

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An Editor’s Tips on Following the Publisher’s Rules

Today’s “response from an editor” went to a writer who was submitting a story to an anthology. The story length requirement was very clear: the story had to be a maximum of 5 double-spaced pages, in Microsoft Word, and with a Times New Roman 12 font. The story had been returned to the writer with … Continue reading

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Margin Comments in an Edited Manuscript

The following are tips I wrote in the margin comments of a manuscript “overview edit.” They are the kind of tips you may get from your editor. Maybe you’ll find some useful tips among these for your own manuscript before you even send it off to an editor. Narrator commentary: Be careful in your writing … Continue reading