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A Writer’s and Self-Editor’s Reference Library

This is #1 of a series of 5 posts with tips and tasks related to self-editing. See the links at the bottom of the post for other articles in this series. So–you want to be a writer? You need a reference library! Maybe you have been developing a great idea–fiction or non-fiction–for many years. Maybe … Continue reading

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Poetry Writing and Self-Editing Tips – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on poetry tips: Tips for self-editing your poetry. Part 1 in this series discussed: Tips for building your poetry skills.   Tips for self-editing your poetry: Edit your poem several times. After each edit, put the poem away and let it percolate in your mind. Tinker with … Continue reading

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Poetry Writing and Self-Editing Tips- Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on poetry tips: Tips for building your poetry skills. Part 2 in this series will discuss: Tips for self-editing your poetry. Tips for building your poetry skills: Read lots of different kinds of poetry, both old and new, in order to improve your own work. Read newly … Continue reading

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A Collection of Editing Marks

Reasons to still edit on paper manuscripts: While a lot of editing nowadays is done directly on e-file manuscripts using editing software such as Microsoft Word’s “Comments” and “Track Changes,” there are still good reasons to do hands-on editing on paper/print-out manuscripts: When editing a long manuscript, it can be easier on your eyes than … Continue reading

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Tips on Giving and Receiving Critiques

Some overall tips about critiquing: Penny Smith, author of Wanted: Ogopogo Lake Monster, Dead or Alive and a co-founder of the Penticton Writers and Publishers [PWAP} group (now the Okanagan-South Writers’ League [OWL]), once presented a very useful talk on critiquing to the PWAP group. She gave us these useful overall tips: Remember that always we are … Continue reading

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Self-editing Checklist for Young Writers

Most self-editing checklists for young writers–and older ones, too–seem to focus on details of grammar and punctuation. But having edited a number of anthologies of writing by young writers (ages 8 to 18), I have collected a list of other common issues that youth writers–and adults, too–should watch out for in their writing. Hope you … Continue reading

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Quick-view tips and tricks for self-editing

Quick-view Self-Editing Tips and Tricks: Reference materials and helps: Respected style guides (eg. Chicago Manual of Style) Other good references (eg. The Elements of Style, The Copyeditor’s Handbook) Editing checklists Automated editing resources (eg Word’s built-in spelling and grammar; Grammarly) Refer to lists of commonly misused words, commonly misspelled words; readability levels http://www.readability-score.com Seek critiques … Continue reading