Beta Read Saga #5: Covid19 Writer’s Retreat

I have dreamed for years of renting a cabin by a wild Pacific shore for a week or two, and engaging in a personal writer’s retreat. I’ll always remember spending two or three weeks in this cabin on Haida Gwaii in January 1998 with my family … and have longed for another opportunity to do this again–but this time to write in peace and quiet, and wander the beaches for inspiration.

Well, here it’s 22 years later and I am actually having a “Covid19 Writer’s Retreat,” with time to work on my WIP, study the suggestions from my beta readers, and walk along Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake beaches here in Penticton. True, lake beaches are lovely, though not quite the same as a wild west coast beach, and I don’t have a cabin overlooking said beaches. And I don’t have a cabin overlooking the beach, but I’m making the best of the opportunity for this Covid19 Spring Break.

My retreat is taking place in my home office, which is where I usually teach my tutoring students–and do my writing, self-editing, and editing for others. Here’s what it usually likes like:


Kind of “office-y” and “classroom” like, eh? So I decided to do something about that. I moved my desk directly in front of the window so I can gaze out at the beautiful mountainsides (ignoring the strata complexes in between). And for when I am really longing for an ocean view, I have gone to a local thrift store and found an ocean picture I can place in my window. I also have an easy chair, and a comfy cot to relax on–because that’s what a cabin should include, right? I have a radio, but no television. Since I have two weeks (at least) while my students are on Spring Break, I’ve also set up a sewing corner to sew a jumper I bought fabric for last summer, and I’m going to start some seeds for my garden–since it’s Spring Break but the temperature is below freezing (though the sun is shining, yay!) and there’s lots of snow on the hillsides. So check out my “Covid19 Writer’s Retreat cabin.” What do you think?


By the way, I’m not sick!

What about you? Can you find a way, in these days of “social distancing” to create a little writer’s retreat right where you are?

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