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An Editor’s Tips on Marketability

Marketability–a topic of concern to almost all writers! Here are tips I provided to a new non-fiction writer who was wondering if his manuscript would even be marketable, and if so, how he should go about preparing to market it. I wrote…. ***** 1. Basic questions on audience, purpose and market: Write down, in one to … Continue reading

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An Editor’s Advice After Reading a Manuscript

This post contains excerpts from an email I sent to a writer who asked me for advice relating to choosing publishers she could query and the audience to whom she should try to market the book. I hope you will find these tips helpful. ***** Greetings! Thanks so much for the letting me have the privilege … Continue reading

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Why Authors Need a Website, Blog, and Social Media

When I am editing for authors, I am quite often asked if writers really do need a website or blog. Here are some reasons I say, “Yes!” Share your brand –Share about yourself, your writing, your values, your voice, your expertise/authority, and your products and services.  Your site is your public platform, accessible to the … Continue reading

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Planning Your Book Launch Checklist

Locations and Times: Bookstores: Ask for permission and plan it with the bookstore; customers purchase from the store; allow browsing time. Organisations or companies that would be interested in your book’s topic. Children’s venues: If it is a children’s book, consider a school library, a park, the children’s section of the public library, etc. Accessibility: Is the venue accessible, … Continue reading

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Changes in Publishing

Writing in the Online World: Changes in Publishing: • Writers are their own marketers, with brand and platform: Traditional publishers now want authors to come to them with a developed brand and platform–and therefore a guaranteed audience and proven readership base. And they also expect authors to do the vast majority of their own marketing. When … Continue reading

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Changes for Authors

Writing in the Online World: Changes for Authors: • Traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing: so many choices: Writing used to belong to a select group of recognised authors who were chosen and supported by gatekeepers, the traditional publishers. There have been some self-publishing options, but too often these were “vanity publishers” who charged a high … Continue reading