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An Editor’s Suggestions on Publishing Decisions for a Children’s Book

This is part 12 of my series on “An Editor’s Comments.” These are actual comments I’ve made to clients, and are directed to their particular needs, so they are sometimes quite different than what you’ll find in a style manual or other editing book. I hope you’ll find these thoughts helpful! If you want to … Continue reading

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An Editor’s Tips on Following the Publisher’s Rules

Today’s “response from an editor” went to a writer who was submitting a story to an anthology. The story length requirement was very clear: the story had to be a maximum of 5 double-spaced pages, in Microsoft Word, and with a Times New Roman 12 font. The story had been returned to the writer with … Continue reading

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An Editor’s Tips on Marketability

Marketability–a topic of concern to almost all writers! Here are tips I provided to a new non-fiction writer who was wondering if his manuscript would even be marketable, and if so, how he should go about preparing to market it. I wrote…. ***** 1. Basic questions on audience, purpose and market: Write down, in one to … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

Beta readers are wonderful, helpful people who will read your manuscript, and give you honest feedback, as part of your editing process, to help you make your book (or other writing) the best it can be. They will take a look at the whole manuscript, and think about themes, plot (and plot holes), characterization, and other … Continue reading

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Changes in Publishing

Writing in the Online World: Changes in Publishing: • Writers are their own marketers, with brand and platform: Traditional publishers now want authors to come to them with a developed brand and platform–and therefore a guaranteed audience and proven readership base. And they also expect authors to do the vast majority of their own marketing. When … Continue reading

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Changes for Authors

Writing in the Online World: Changes for Authors: • Traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing: so many choices: Writing used to belong to a select group of recognised authors who were chosen and supported by gatekeepers, the traditional publishers. There have been some self-publishing options, but too often these were “vanity publishers” who charged a high … Continue reading