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Beta Readers

Beta readers are wonderful, helpful people who will read your manuscript, and give you honest feedback, as part of your editing process, to help you make your book (or other writing) the best it can be. They will take a look at the whole manuscript, and think about themes, plot (and plot holes), characterization, and other … Continue reading

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Changes for Authors

Writing in the Online World: Changes for Authors: • Traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing: so many choices: Writing used to belong to a select group of recognised authors who were chosen and supported by gatekeepers, the traditional publishers. There have been some self-publishing options, but too often these were “vanity publishers” who charged a high … Continue reading

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Actually Doing!

Oh my goodness! Another 2 weeks have passed! What have I done (besides my usual tutoring and editing business)? As I mentioned in my last update, I really want to back off a bit on my “learning” and get busy actually doing some writing, speaking, and more editing. And I’m starting to succeed with that … Continue reading

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More workshops and learning

It is astonishing how quickly time passes! How have more than two weeks passed in the blink of an eye? What have I been doing? Writing: Reading through over 830 blog posts in My Church Journey and contemplating on how I might put some of  them together as a book. Copy and pasting possible posts to … Continue reading

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Workshop preparations and more

It’s been a busy two weeks for Pen and Paper Mama Services. I’ve been taking all that reading and research I did over the summer while my right arm was out of commission, and am turning it into practical and informative workshops to be presented in October and November here in the Okanagan Valley (this … Continue reading

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Weekly Update and Finding My Passion

A week ago I made my update list of my writing and publishing related activities of the previous week–and forgot to post it. Then, thinking I had posted it, I deleted it to the Recycle Bin. Today I was starting my list for this past week, and suddenly realized I’d not posted the previous week’s update. … Continue reading