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An Editor’s Comments About The Editing Process

This is part 2 of my series on “An Editor’s Comments.” These are from actual comments I’ve made to clients, and are directed to their particular needs, so they are sometimes quite different than what you’ll find in a style manual or other editing book. I hope you’ll find these thoughts helpful! If you want to … Continue reading

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An Editor’s Comments About Commas

Introduction to “An Editor’s Comments” series: Over the next while, I’ll be posting samples of comments that I have made to my editing and proofreading clients. Some will be on “technical” aspects, like today’s topic, “commas.” Others will be on things like style, choosing a publishing method, considering your audience, or developing a theme. My … Continue reading

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25 Things About Me–in 2009

How time does fly! Periodically on Facebook, people list “25 Things About Me”–and I just came across this list I wrote way back in 2009 (8 years ago). What’s changed since then? Let’s have a look! (And if you’re especially curious, there’s also a “30 Days of Me” list on my site from 2011). … Continue reading

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Downsizing, Simplifying, Passing Things On

I’m going through some old files of blog posts I wrote years ago on a site which no longer exists (Do you remember the GeoCities platform?). Turns out some of those old posts are truly “evergreen.” Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy this one! Oct 17, 2008 Downsizing, Simplifying, Passing Things On My husband is a First … Continue reading

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True Confessions: Help Needed

“You’ve given us all lots of great ideas … but what can we do for you? How can we help you with your writing?” Last night I attended a “mini-writers’ group” gathering which focuses on nonfiction, especially creative nonfiction. Others at the meeting shared about their writing and/or passed out copies to get advice, and we … Continue reading

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Working with a Partner, Writers’ Group, & Beta-Readers

This is #4 of a series of 5 posts with tips and tasks related to self-editing. See the links at the bottom of the post for other articles in this series. Your writing group–or partner–or beta readers–might not be quite as hilarious as Buster Keaton’s writing group, but you can still have a great time … Continue reading