More workshops and learning

time-fliesIt is astonishing how quickly time passes! How have more than two weeks passed in the blink of an eye? What have I been doing?


  • Reading through over 830 blog posts in My Church Journey and contemplating on how I might put some of  them together as a book. Copy and pasting possible posts to use. And still adding new posts.
  • Lots of emails and curriculum writing for my tutoring students and preparing handouts for my workshop attenders.
  • Coming to the conclusion that I’ve done enough “learning” over the past few months, and now that my arm is getting better (more or less), it’s time to do more writing!


  • Grant Baldwin speaker training webinar
  • “How to Get 10,000 Visits to Your Blog in One Day with No Platform” (Jane Friedman)
  • A Key to Great Writing: Make Every Word Count” (Stephen Wilbers)
  • “What Early Experiences Inform Your Fiction?” (Kurt Rehinheimer)
  • “Fantastic Book Promotions on Instagram” (Diane Urban)
  • Webinars and posts from the October Indie Author Fringe in Frankfurt:
    • “How to Hire (Only) The Self-Publishing Services You Need: And At the Right Price” (Ricardo Fayet)
    • “How to Hitch Your Digital Marketing to Your Bottom Line” (Gabriel Mercer)
    • “Best Tools of the Self-Publishing Trade Running An Author Business” (Jay Antale)
    • “The Print Book Business Plan” (Robin Cutler)
    • “The Indie Author Business Plan–the Basics” (Kimberley Grabas)
  • Book: Candid Conversations by Joseph Seiler
  • Great Courses: Building Great Sentences: Lesson # 1 “A Sequence of Words” and Lesson #2 “Grammar and Rhetoric”
  • Finished reading The Art of the Personal Essay (Phillip Lopate)
  • “Become an Idea Hunter” (Jessica Abel)
  • “16 Principles for Building and Leading a Tribe” (Tim Grahl)
  • “Online Platform 101” notes (Tim Grahl)
  • Writer’s Digest Magazine, December 2016 issue:
    • “Ways to Make Money From Your Website” (Jane Friedman)
    • “Just Say Yes” (re freelance writing) (Jeff Somers)
    • “Hire Yourself” (Nick Courage)
    • “Your (Ghostwriting) Business Blueprint” (John Peragine)
    • “How a Month of NaNoWriMo Can Lead to a Lifetime of Better Writing” (Grant Faulkner)
    • “Detour” (Chris Freese)
  • “This is How to Improve Your Writing: 7 Easy Expert Secrets” (Eric Barker)

My Workshops:

  • Lots of time preparing for–and then presenting–an Online Writing and Marketing workshop at the Shatford Centre on November 5 
  • And then lots more time preparing for a Self-Editing Tips and How to Work With an Editor workshop at the Shatford Centre which will be held on November 19. Registration info here.

And then of course, I’m still tutoring … and editing … and putting the garden away for winter (and cleaning out the shed while I’m at it) and visiting with the grandkids and meeting with other writers and spending too much time on Facebook and email ….  You know 🙂

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