Actually Doing!

Oh my goodness! Another 2 weeks have passed! What have I done (besides my usual tutoring and editing business)? As I mentioned in my last update, I really want to back off a bit on my “learning” and get busy actually doing some writing, speaking, and more editing. And I’m starting to succeed with that goal πŸ™‚

Blogs and other writing:

  • More going through the old My Church Journey blog posts to see what I can find that might be worth turning into an e-book
  • “Is It Too Much to Hope For?” (posted on my Facebook notes)
  • Create and post list of local activities and ideas for writers (on our OWL writers’ group Facebook page notes)
  • “Creative Memory Tricks for Sounds and Letters” (on my Pen and Paper Mama site)
  • “Update on the Brandon Street Oxbow” (on my Penticton Pedestrian site)
  • “Teaching Word Endings” (on my Pen and Paper Mama site)
  • “Resplendent” (on My Church Journey site)
  • “How to Prepare for Self-Editing” (on my Norma J Hill site)
  • Change the theme on my Norma J Hill site and update the “About” page
  • Update my tutor topics list on my Pen and Paper Mama site
  • “Reflecting on News” (posted on my Facebook notes)
  • Go through a “101 Writing Prompts” list–and jot down ideas for most of them πŸ™‚


  • Led the “Self-Editing and How to Work With An Editor” workshop at the Shatford Centre (see the picture above!)
  • Continue taking The Great Courses “Building Great Sentences” course: Lesson 3 Prepositions and Meaning; Lesson 4 How Sentences Grow
  • Email a list of possible workshop list topics to a group that is interested in having me do some workshops for them πŸ™‚


  • “Should You Have a Professional Editor?” (Jane Friedman)
  • “The Ultimate Editing Checklist for Content Marketers” (Benjamin Brandall)
  • “A Life Story is Not an About Page” (Yaro Sturak)
  • “How to Find Publishers” (Jane Friedman)
  • “27 Ways to Reflect on Your Teaching” (Mia MacMeeki)
  • “9 Important Legal Facts for Self-Publishing Memoir and Non-Fiction” (
  • “Another Business Plan PDF” (Kimberley Grabos)
  • “Author Website Essentials E–book” (Kimberley Grabos)
  • “The Quick Start Guide to Building Your Writer Platform” (Kimberley Grabos) — which includes an excellent guide to self-publishing resources! YWP-Quick-Start-2015PDF-Final.pdf
  • God Allows U-Turns for Teens
  • Take notes from the introductory section of The Art of the Personal Essay (ed. Phillip Lopate)
  • Virtual Summit Mini Course lessons 1-3, and Vertical Summit Mastery Blueprint; VSM Revolution workbooks 1 & 2 (Navid Moazzoz)
  • “5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Build Book Buzz” (Diana Urban)
  • “Ebook Sales Page How-to” (Hectorpreneur)
  • “Preparing Your Document for Ebook Conversion” (BookBaby)
  • “Create Content for your Online Course” (Teachable)
  • “Best Year Ever–Achieve What Matters in 2017” (Michael Hyatt)
  • “How to Find Success in Online Writing Communities” (Marvin Way)
  • A Taste of Haida Gwaii: Food Gathering and Feasting at the Edge of the World (Susan Musgrave) — the recipes are amazing, but I’m really loving all the anecdotes of life on Haida Gwaii. It is bringing back so many memories! (If you’d like to read some of my own memories, check out my website )


  • Attended OWL writers’ meeting (Okanagan-South Writer’s League)
  • Go through all my old “to-do” and “dreams” and “inspiration” lists; pick out the things that I still really want to do, and make a chart to encourage myself to get with it!
  • Attended Word Guild–South Okanagan writers’ meeting
  • Met with 2 new editing clients
  • Took Michael Hyatt’s “Life Score Assessment” tool. My score was 73/Success — Apparently, I really need to work on my personal health (healthy eating; exercise); not doing too bad with my business and family πŸ™‚

This and That:

  • Cleaning house in preparation for Christmas
  • Grandkids came over to help decorate for Christmas!

And that’s about it!

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