When to Hire a Professional Editor

This is #5 of a series of 5 posts with tips and tasks related to self-editing. See the links at the bottom of the post for other articles in this series.

No matter what, you will not find all your own errors or recognize all your flaws. When you have done the very best editing you can, with help from your beta readers and other helpers, it is time to hire an editor! You are too close to the material, and you need an editor, with trained eyes, to be an objective, unbiased third party. You need both beta readers and a professional editor. Be prepared to pay what a good editor is worth.  Editors may charge about $40+ per hour (sometimes up to $100 for highly specialized types of manuscripts), while good proofreaders may charge about $25+ per hour.

Have respect for your editor’s corrections and suggestions. You know what you mean, but no one lives in your brain except you. Your copy editor will purge your work of the writer’s “I know what I mean” syndrome. Also, you are not as thorough as you think. A good copy-editor will also think of the questions you didn’t think of, the rebuttals you didn’t consider, the flaws in your logic. Your editor is on your side, and his or her job is to make you and your writing be as good as it can possibly be. Work together cooperatively with your editor to make your writing be of excellent quality.

For more information about hiring an editor, check out my posts on “Basic Information for Writers About Editing and Editors” and “Some Vital Things Editors Will Look for in Your Writing.” You can find links to these helpful posts right here!

The posts in this series, Self-Editing Tips and Tasks, include:

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