Snapshots of My Writing, Editing and Tutoring Activities

Recently I was asked for some photos of my writing, editing, tutoring and other literacy-related activities. I have lots of pictures from such activities, but since I am usually the person behind the camera (being the communications person for many of these events), there are only a few photos of myself among them. Still, here are a few examples of the kinds of literacy activities I’ve been involved in the past few years…

If you’d like to know more about my literacy activities, check out the following links:

LinkedIn: A listing of my writing activities and publications

LinkedIn: A listing of my editing projects

On this site: A listing of my writing, editing and publishing workshops

On my Pen and Paper Mama site: A listing of my tutoring and education workshops

When I’m asked, “What do you do?” I have to respond, “Well … I guess you’d say I’m a Jill of all Trades!” It’s a wonderful life. I love writing and editing … and I love teaching! So it’s all wrapped up in one big bundle. If you want to know more about me — family, employment and lots of other aspects of my life, you can find me:

On Facebook (I have a personal page, a business page, and I admin lots of other pages for a variety of literacy-related groups!)
On LinkedIn
On my Pen and Paper Mama “about” page
On my Norma J Hill “about” page
On my Haida Gwaii Building Bridges “about” page
On the “about” pages on my many other sites
… or you can contact me personally; I’m happy to chat and/or help you out, if you wish.

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