Yes, I am writing and editing!

The other day someone asked me this question on Quora: “What do you plan to write or publish soon?”

And yes, it’s been a month and a half, nearly, since I promised to get back to blogging on this Norma J. Hill site … and here’s my excuse, as explained on Quora:

Well! Now that I’ve recovered from my nasty bout of vertigo and my inner ear infection which befuddled my brain during my recent 2 week Spring Break—when I had planned to catch up on my writing projects while I was on vacation from tutoring and editing—I’m finally catching up somewhat on my writing, thank goodness.

Let’s see… Today I have written 6 Quora answers, besides writing tutoring student reports and posting snippets on Facebook and Twitter. In the past few days, I’ve also been teaching writing skills to tutoring students (and this often requires that I write samples for them). I’ve been collecting notes and research for several blogs (one that focuses on tutoring, this one on writing and editing, and yet another about Haida Gwaii … and I definitely should do some catch up on the other 3 or 4 blogs I’ve been neglecting because of my business and family responsibilities). And, oh my goodness, I do need to get going on my Quora Space, PenAndPaperMama Perspectives!

I’ve also joyfully begun more coaching with writers—and am enjoying it immensely. It’s wonderful to work together on a manuscript! Even though theoretically I’m an editor/coach, it feels as if I’m learning just as much as my clients.

I am also working on a book-length manuscript which focuses on self-editing, with some of my own fiction writing as examples. And I am working on a book of spelling tips, done in what I hope is humorous rhyme.

I’ve also been writing a series of memoir-style short stories of my childhood in a small town. Several of the stories have already been published separately in magazines and newspapers, and I am now putting them together in a collection as well as writing new ones.

I have also recently interviewed a local man who is a very healthy and vigorous 99 years old, for a story to be published in a historical journal.

Oh! And just the other day, I presented some of my poetry on a radio show. They were pieces I wrote some time ago, and along with April being International Poetry Month, I am feeling inspired to write more poetry.

I’ll be off to a writers’ conference in less than a month—excited about that! And I will soon be facilitating some writers’ feedback sessions and will continue to attend local monthly writers’ group sessions. Finally, I’m looking very forward to summer, as I will set my tutoring (and probably most of my editing) aside for a full two months to focus on my writing.

Now I’m going to print this out and post it up above my desk, glued to florescent paper so I can’t miss noticing it and rereading it often—so I don’t allow myself to procrastinate or get waylaid from my writing again!

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