What Are Your Touchstones that Inspire Your Creativity?

Touchstones: What are things you love, things that make you happy, things that inspire and encourage your creativity? Here are some of mine:

the scent of pine trees on warm/hot days
summer rain and lightning storms
when I’ve had a great time chatting with people (happy dance!)
vanilla candles
autumn leaves
cabins by the ocean and going beach combing
writing retreats
daisies and tulips and lilacs and English country gardens and huge bouquets and wild roses
berries and freshly picked peas in the pod and other things freshly harvested and eaten raw
dark chocolate
music of certain kinds … singing, playing, listening
letter writing (real letters!)
lots of different sorts of writing
reading and studying and tutoring and coaching and teaching
the smell of freshly mown grass and of greenhouses
wild wind blowing off the ocean, whipping my hair and the salt spray wetting my lips and filling my nose with its scent
journaling on lovely, smooth paper in journals with beautiful covers, and using multi-coloured pens
fun erasers!

So… What are your touchstones? Do share!

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4 thoughts on “What Are Your Touchstones that Inspire Your Creativity?

  1. Pamela Harry says:

    My writing touchstones are:
    reading poetry
    reading a good book
    walking in the woods
    a new journal or notebook
    a new pen
    classical music
    conversing with friends about writing, life, etc.
    writing workshops, groups, and conferences
    coffeehouse music
    spoken word events
    a new idea
    taking time apart in a cafe with a chai latte
    Just to name a few.

    Thanks Norma. It was fun to think about this!!


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