Self-Exploration for Writers: Muses and Mentors

Self-Exploration for Writers: Muses and Mentors
By Norma J Hill (aka Pen And Paper Mama) ©2020

Welcome to a self-exploration series of exercises for writers: useful whether you are just thinking about writing, are a beginning writer, or are already an experienced writer. Explore what, for you personally, defines a writer, what kind of writer you are, what your writing goals are—and in the process, you will discover yourself as a writer. At the end of each post in the series, there is a link to a downloadable and printable PDF copy on which you can write your responses. Put them in a binder or duotang-type folder. Then, periodically along your writing journey, return to your answers, read what you noted previously, and add new thoughts and experiences. Through this self-exploration process, you’ll end up with a wonderful personal record of your writer’s journey.

1. Muses and Mentors
2. Reading that Inspires Me
3. Listening and Viewing
4. My Life Experiences Related to Writing
5. Inspiration and Dreams
6. Writing Formats and Focuses
7. My Writing Skills
8. My Readers/Audience
9. Preparing to Write

1. Muses and Mentors

Who or what inspires you to write? How has each of the following made you want to be a writer? List them specifically, and for each, include at least a sentence or two (or more!) that describes how they have inspired you.

Writers I admire, and why:                  
Specific books and stories I love (whether in print, film, games, or other media):                    
Writing teachers and mentors who have inspired me:                    
A parent, grandparent, teacher, librarian or other person who read aloud to me and through their reading inspired me to read and write for myself:                  
Someone I know personally whose writing (of whatever kind) has inspired me to write, too:                    
A course or workshop I have taken that inspired me to write (and the teacher, too):                  
Other writing muses and mentors in my life:                  

Putting your exploration into practice:

Choose one (or more) of the people you’ve listed above and send them a thank-you card or note describing how they have inspired you to be a writer.

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