NJH on Medium

On medium.com, I’ve been exploring my own writing life by quoting snippets from Anne Lamott‘s wonderful book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. It has been suggested that my normajhill.com readers might enjoy my musings, so I’ll be listing them here with links to them on medium.com. I hope you enjoy them and maybe find some inspiration of your own–and be sure to get your own copy of Bird by Bird. It’s wonderful!

Giving Myself Permission to Write From the Heart
Vignettes and Snippets
Can I Really Inspire Others to Write?
This Writing and Teaching Life of Mine
Truth Telling
Conscience Soothing
Can I Really Write? How?
Throwing Out Those Pages and Chapters
Writing to Write or To Publish
New Year Ponderings About Sharing Ideas in Writing
I Don’t Need to Know the Destination
Child’s Draft Then Wildly Coloured Self-Edit
What Blocks My Creativity as a Writer?
Polaroids and Props
Write What You Know and Know Thyself
Develop Your Characters By Exploring Yourself

Tea Party: Listening to Your Characters