Weekly Update and Finding My Passion

researchA week ago I made my update list of my writing and publishing related activities of the previous week–and forgot to post it. Then, thinking I had posted it, I deleted it to the Recycle Bin. Today I was starting my list for this past week, and suddenly realized I’d not posted the previous week’s update. So, in a panic, I scrolled through the Recycle Bin and, with a huge sigh of relief, found the post. Whew! Now I’ve added this week’s update items onto it.

You may be wondering why on earth I make these updates? Well, for my own reference–but also to share useful links with you! I hope you’ll find something in here that will inspire you as you do your own writing and publishing.

This and That:
– Set up new Facebook group: Okanagan-South Writers League
– Read Charlotte’s Web by EB White (again: great writing!)
– Read more from The Art of the Personal Essay (ed Phillip Lopate–wonderful way to learn to write well by reading some of the best personal essays written through the ages); collecting some “fieldstones” for future reference 🙂
– Put away my spring and summer clothes and bedding and took out the fall and winter ones 🙂 Fall has arrived! Another of my four favourite seasons of the year.
– Visits from cousins, children, grandchildren, sister and brother-in-law, friends–and lots of great conversation.
– Preparation for October workshops I’ll be giving to Okanagan Word Guild groups on “Promotion and the Business Side of Publishing: Platform and Brand; Christian Authors and the Business of Writing.”
– Attend a meeting of the new local Word Guild writers’ group.

Webinars and Podcasts:
– Michael Hyatt webinar: 13 Productivity Myths that are Actually Making You Less Productive (And What You Should Do Instead)
– Michael Hyatt webinar: re dealing with high-maintenance clients (see his website)
– Charlene Kingson webinar: re: using LinkedIn for writers (see her website)

Editing of:
– Detective novel; Children’s Chapter Book; Poetry; Children’s Picture Book

– Snail mail letters to my grandkids
My Church Journey blog posts: “What is Your Truth?” and “Prayers About War”
– Work on article related to my encounters with First Nations spirituality and perspectives on Christianity
– Work on new document: “101 Ways (or More) to Market: An A to Z Introduction to Promotion for Writers”

Speaker Lab webinars :
– Pamela Slim: How to Stand Out as a Speaker in a Crowded Marketplace
– Ken Davis: How to Tell Stories that Connect With Audiences
– Chris Ducker: How to Host Your Own Event
– Bob Burg: What Relationships Matter and How to Set Your Speaking Fee
– Jon Acuff: How to Create a Talk That Gets Booked
– Daniel Decker: How to Go From Being a Free Speaker to a $30K Speaker
– Pat Flynn: How to Discover the Transformation Your Audience Needs From Your Talk
– Tim Sanders: What Meeting Planners are Looking for When Booking Speakers
– Michael and Amy Porter: How to Rehearse Your Presentation So You Nail It
– Ron Tite: How to Find and Use Humor in Your Presentations
– Grant Baldwin: How to Get Started Booking Speaking Engagements
Note: One of the big takeaways for me as I listened to these webinars is to really understand what I love doing. I am realizing I love to research on a variety of topics and to share what I’ve learned–through blog posts, through personal tutoring and coaching and mentoring, through editing, through ghost-writing and curriculum writing and article writing, through workshops …! Can you tell this is what I am passionate about? 🙂  Oh, by the way, years ago I earned a degree in teacher-librarianship and education. Maybe that’s a hint to me?  You think? 🙂

– Tribe Building from the Trenches (ebook/PDF, by Jeff Goins)
– Books on Writing (list/PDF by Andi Cumbo-Floyd)
– Experience Product Blueprint (ebook/PDF by Marissa Murgatroyd)
– Free to Focus: 13 Essential Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep – (list by Michael Hyatt)
– Free to Focus: Unleash Nature’s Secret Success Weapon (sleep!) – (ebook/PDF by Michael Hyatt)
– How to Get Started on Goodreads (ebook/PDF from AuthorToolkits.com)
– Opening Up to Indie Authors (ebook/PDF by Orna Ross of ALLi – Alliance of Independent Authors)
– Query Letters-Novels (blog post by Jane Friedman)
– Query Letters-Nonfiction & Memoir (blog post by Jane Friedman)
– Seriously Simply Social (ebook/PDF by Kirsten Oliphant)
– The Viral Product Checklist (ebook/PDF by Marisa Murgatroyd)
– How to be Active on Social Without Losing Your Mind (Kirsten Oliphant guest post on Jane Friedman’s blog)

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