I’m driving again!

driving-againI’m driving again, as of October 23! Hurrah! My arm still hurts but it’s gaining more range of motion day by day 🙂

My editing and tutoring activities continue anon.

– Continue reading from The Art of the Personal Essay
– From BC Ministry of Education: “Introduction to BC’s Redesigned Curriculum”
– “Have a Call to Action” (Jane Friedman)
– “It’s Not Too Late” (Jeff Goins)
– “Safeguards to Stabilize our Hearts and Lives” (Michael Hyatt)
– “Stand Out Self Assessment Final 1” (Doris Clark)

– Continuing preparation for Shatford Centre Workshops: Online Writing workshop (Nov 5) and   Self-editing Tips and Working with an Editor workshop (Nov 19). I’d love to see you there–why not sign up now 🙂
– Continued preparation for Word Guild workshops — and then I lead 2 successful workshops on Saturday, Oct 22 in Westbank, BC.

Blog Posts
My Church Journey: “Launch Into the Deep,” “Confession and Absolution,” “Disappointed Prayer”
– PenandPaperMama.com: “Blended Sounds and Multi-Syllabic Words

Social Media
– Continue to develop Facebook OWL page–Okanagan-South Writers’ League
– Update my LinkedIn editing list

– Order and download “Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft” course from TheGreatCourses.com
– “Building Your Author Platform” 7 day mini course by Tim Grahl

Organizing my business
– Total reorganization of all my writing-related folders and files on my computer (gazillions of them!) to make my workshop planning much easier!
– Also did a major catch-up on filing printouts for tutoring, editing, and writing articles and activities.
– I have started canceling a number of e-newsletter subscriptions which are becoming “repetitive.” I’ve been planning to start my own e-newsletter–but I am worried that I might start being repetitive and get annoying by over-flowing people’s inboxes. I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the different “online conferences” and “webinar interviews” being advertised in people’s e-newsletters. In the beginning, they were a wonderful source of information (and some still are), but there seems to increasingly be the same people covering the same material, interviewing each other on the same topics, and using affiliate marketing to push each other’s courses and conferences. It’s getting annoying!

– I attended the Penticton Arts Council AGM. Writing is a “literary art” you know!
– My husband and I met with a representative of an end-of-life planning company. We’ve been putting off updating our will, paying down on “someday” funeral expenses, and preparing a clear set of files re accounts and so on for our executor, for too long. I’d hate to leave a mess for our children, even though of course I’m planning to be around for some years to come! I’m getting on it now 🙂

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