Kinds of Flash Fiction

My last post introduced the type of writing called “Flash Fiction.” Today I’m going to provide a list of different sorts of flash fiction and some sites worth checking out. If you’re looking for daily writing “prompts” that are short and quick but also provide opportunity for developing strong writing skills, flash fiction is a great opportunity.

There are many kinds of flash fiction, written within various constraints. You can even create your own constraints. Here are some examples:

There are many examples of flash fiction in anthologies and journals, and on many online sites. Here are some sites worth checking out. Many of them accept submissions and/or hold contests.

Why not try out some of these flash fiction writing forms–and let us know which ones you like best? In fact, how about sharing some of your efforts in the comments?

3 thoughts on “Kinds of Flash Fiction

  1. Aggie Stevens says:

    Thanks, Norma. I just realized some of the short speeches I’ve given are flash non-fiction, but do sound like fiction and have all the usual story elements. I’ll send a few of them out for fun. Most of them started, inexplicably, as 17 minute reads. I had to cut that to 5 minutes & every cut made the story better. Edit, edit.


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