Links to my writing and editing posts

Wondering where to start on this site? Here are some hints:

  • Check out “Writing and Editing Articles,” a full page of links to posts on this site, conveniently divided into different topics.
  • Check out “NJH on Medium,” a page of links to my personal ponderings on writing and editing, inspired by snippets from Anne Lamott’s wonderful writing book, Bird by Bird.
  • Check out “NJH on Quora,” selections from answers about writing and editing which I’ve provided on the question site,
  • Check out the Categories posted on the right-hand column of each page and post on this site.
  • Use the search bar in the upper right corner of each page and post.
  • And of course, Follow Me (use the link on the right-hand column) to get updates for all my new posts on this site.

And if you have questions I haven’t covered…

… shoot me an email from my Contact Page, and if I know the answer, I’ll try to cover it in a future post 🙂

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