Creativity: Planning & Organizing

Make a colourful, creative, unusual plan (examples: for writing a story, draw a web with diagrams not just words; draw a picture or comic of the story; tell the story out loud to someone first or even act it out or create a dance to illustrate it.)

Keep a small notebook (or recording device) in your pocket or backpack or purse. Every time you think of something interesting or you are curious about something, jot it down in a few words. Then when you’re wondering what to write, you’ll have some great ideas ready and lots of interesting details you can use.

Don’t procrastinate. Every moment can be important. You choose how you use your time. Use your spare moments creatively instead of zoning out.

Just write down all your ideas in the first draft of a story. Don’t worry about editing–just keep writing. Then rewrite (revise, self-edit) to make it a better story. Be prepared to go through several drafts. Start with the big ideas, then work on paragraphs, then on sentences. Save proofreading for when you’re sure your story is well-told.

Practice creativity every single day. Find creative ways to do ordinary things. Ponder things in new and different ways. Brainstorm. Reread children’s books and find the child’s sense of wonder in them. Go on “artist dates“. Spend time playing with children–and learn to play again, yourself.

Are you enjoying these creative writing tips? What tips can you add— list your ideas in the comments!

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