Creativity: Be Unique, Original

All creative people want to do something that is unique (creative!). For everything you do, ask yourself questions like:

  • What could I do with this that is a little bit different than everyone else is doing?
  • What unexpected details, description, dialogue, drama could I add to my story?
  • What could I do to hook my readers in a fresh, surprising way?
  • How could I make my characters more interesting?
  • How can I make my readers laugh, or be scared, or have other strong emotions when they read?

In order to be unique, learn to stretch your creative “muscles” — that is, delve into your:

  • imagination
  • curiosity
  • confidence (positive self-talk/affirmations vs negative self-talk)
  • stick-to-itiveness
  • courage
  • ability to make lots of connections between ideas
  • ability to think outside the box

What have you done lately, in your writing, that is unique, original, fresh, outside-the-box? For example, I am working on a writing project in which I am writing a book about editing, but instead of it being an ordinary blah, blah book about how to edit, it includes an ongoing story about an Irish boy who is captured by the Vikings. Each chapter starts with more of his story–and then I talk about an aspect of editing that has something to do with his adventures! That’s an unexpected way to write a book about editing, don’t you think?

Are you enjoying these creative writing tips? What tips can you add— list your ideas in the comments!

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