Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 2. Marketing

Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 2. Marketing
By Norma J Hill (aka Pen and Paper Mama) © 2021

In our previous series for writers, we discussed and provided worksheets for Self Exploration for Writers and Your Writing Life. In this new series, on Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing, we will explore other considerations beyond just writing:

1. Publishing

2. Marketing

3. Writing as Business, and

4. Options Beyond Usual Publishing.

At the end of each post in this series, there is a link to a Downloadable and Printable PDF copy on which you can write your responses. Put them in a Binder or Duotang-type Folder. (If you have already started a binder from the past 2 series, you can add to that). Then, periodically along your writing journey, return to your answers, read what you noted previously, and add new thoughts and experiences. Through this process, you’ll end up with a wonderful personal record of your writer’s journey.

2. Marketing

This part of the writing process needs to be started long before your manuscript is published. There are many good books and other marketing resources available. You’d be wise to start checking them out immediately and start to develop your marketing plan. In this day and age, an author must also be a marketer, ideally with thousands of fans and followers to attract readers—as well as traditional publishers and literary agents if you want to go that route. Below, check off marketing approaches you’ve already started to work on, and mark others you want to start using. Jot down questions and ideas for each one.

Personal expertise in your writing’s subject area(s) and genre(s):    
Career and volunteer work related to your writing topic(s):    
Personal fame and/or recognition you can draw on:    
Your author website(s) and blog(s)—plus guest blogging you have done:    
Social media participation (which ones?):      
Email list and newsletter connected to your blog/website(s):    
Appearances on podcasts, radio, TV, films, including interviews, acting, etc.:    
Articles in newspapers and other print media, traditional or online:    
Participation in conferences:    
Presentations of workshops, lectures, other trainings:    
What else?    

Putting your notes into practice:

Now that you’ve listed the above items, why not turn them into a “marketing resume” that you can easily present to prospective publishers, literary agents, book proposals, and as part of your applications to do presentations at conferences, as well as post on your author site. Also choose other items you could work on, get started on them, and add them to the marketing resume.

While you are at it, start putting together a resume of your published writing—articles, short stories, books, blogs, poetry, and so on.

PDF LINK: Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 2. Marketing

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