Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 1. Publishing

Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 1. Publishing.
By Norma J Hill (aka Pen and Paper Mama) © 2021

In our previous series for writers, we discussed and provided worksheets for Self Exploration for Writers and Your Writing Life. In this new series, on Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing, we will explore other considerations beyond just writing:

1. Publishing

2. Marketing

3. Writing as Business, and

4. Options Beyond Usual Publishing.

At the end of each post in this series, there is a link to a Downloadable and Printable PDF copy on which you can write your responses. Put them in a Binder or Duotang-type Folder. (If you have already started a binder from the past 2 series, you can add to that). Then, periodically along your writing journey, return to your answers, read what you noted previously, and add new thoughts and experiences. Through this process, you’ll end up with a wonderful personal record of your writer’s journey.


It is likely that your ultimate goal as a writer is to publish. As you write, keep your publishing goals, skills, and experiences in mind. Here are some to think about. When you’ve finished thinking about them, be sure to print out the downloadable document and write down your answers.

Besides writing and revising, what writing and publishing-related skills do you have?
Have you published any written work in the past? Traditional, self-published, vanity, hybrid, school assignments, newsletters, personal letters, written copy for an employer or organization, other?
Do you have cover design, interior design, illustrating or related graphic/artistic skills?
Have you formally printed out any of your writing? What kind? (Include simple computer printouts or carefully handwritten or typed copies, right through to formal printing skills).
Do you have audio and/or video experience and skills? What kinds?
What publishing skills would you like to personally develop?
Which writing and publishing-related tasks would you rather hire out?
Could you start a business helping writers with the skills you have, and in return get help from them or earn income from them so you can hire the help you need?

Putting Your Notes into Practice:

What questions do you have related to the items listed above? Do you need to do some research? For example, do you know the difference between the different kinds of publishing? If you don’t, here’s a great place to start: Jane Friedman’s Key Publishing Paths 2021-2022 . Start researching!

Have you forgotten what you might have written in the past? Take some time right now to look through your files—paper ones, files on your computer, blog posts that could be turned into formal articles or stories, files on old discs or other back-ups. You may not need to start from scratch; you probably have some things you have written in the past that, with some good revisions, might be very publishable. Dig through your old records and see what you can come up with.

PDF LINK: Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 1. Publishing

2 thoughts on “Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing: 1. Publishing

  1. MiscGhliasáin says:

    Thanks for reminding your readers and writers – like me – to look through their old written and/or published material, Norma. I have a neat cardboard file box just waiting to be reexamined and revised! This mid July weekend, perhaps?


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